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Vertical Text Scroller

Vertical Text Scroller now supports mouse over link highlighting, enhanced manual pause, and five special backgrounds !

xxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyySource and class files:
This applet is freeware. To use the applet on your site, save the file by right clicking on the link and use the 'SAVE LINK AS' option, then UNZIP the file and put the class file in the same directory as your HTML file. A sample HTML file is included in the zip file. To customize the applet for your site, follow the procedures below.

HTML Example
<applet code="VertTextScroller.class" width="330" height="150"> <param name="numberOfLines" value="23"> <param name="background" value="white"> <param name="scrollDelay" value="15"> <param name="lineSpace" value="17"> <param name="linkFrame" value="_top"> <param name="linkColor" value="red"> <param name="manualPause" value="0"> <param name="sizeDefault" value="17"> <param name="lineDefault" value> <param name="colorDefault" value="black"> <param name="fontDefault" value="Helvetica"> <param name="styleDefault" value="PLAIN"> <param name="linkDefault" value> <param name="pauseValueDefault" value="0"> <param name="lineOffsetDefault" value="0"> <param name="line1" value="Free Vertical text scroller"> <param name="pauseValue1" value="7500"> <param name="style1" value="BOLD"> <param name="color1" value="red"> <param name="line2" value="If you're looking for a professional look"> <param name="line3" value="and feel for your web site, or your site's"> <param name="line4" value="getting a little cluttered and you need to"> <param name="line5" value="save some real estate, why pay for a"> <param name="line6" value="professional quality vertical text scroller"> <param name="line7" value="when this one is free?"> <param name="line10" value="Features"> <param name="pauseValue10" value="9500"> <param name="style10" value="BOLD"> <param name="color10" value="red"> <param name="line11" value="Professional quality smooth scrolling."> <param name="lineOffset11" value="10"> <param name="line12" value="Adjustable scrolling speed."> <param name="lineOffset12" value="10"> <param name="line13" value="Manual scrolling/pausing using your mouse."> <param name="lineOffset13" value="10"> <param name="line14" value="Automatic pausing at any line."> <param name="lineOffset14" value="10"> <param name="line15" value="Mouse over highlighted URL links."> <param name="lineOffset15" value="10"> <param name="line16" value="Many fonts, styles, and colors to choose."> <param name="lineOffset16" value="10"> <param name="line17" value="Param tag syntax checking for easy setup."> <param name="lineOffset17" value="10"> <param name="line18" value="And more..."> <param name="lineOffset18" value="10"> <param name="line20" value="For more examples of this applet, double"> <param name="pauseValue20" value="5500"> <param name="style20" value="BOLD"> <param name="color20" value="red"> <param name="line21" value="click on the URL below"> <param name="style21" value="BOLD"> <param name="color21" value="red"> <param name="lineOffset21" value="60"> <param name="line23" value="Lou Schiano's home page"> <param name="color23" value="blue"> <param name="style23" value="ITALIC"> <param name="link23" value=""> <param name="lineOffset23" value="55"> </applet>

 Applet parameters

Required global parameters: 

    width and height 
    Change the width and height to indicate the size of the applet. 

    This is the number of lines to display. 

    This is the background color of the applet. To use a single colored background, use one of the following colors below: 

    Or you can use one of the special multi-colored fade backgrounds, use one the following parameters: 
    special1  - black fade to green
    special2  - light blue fade to light green
    special3  - black fade to blue
    special4  - red fade to yellow
    special5  - black fade to red

    For example, to use the 'red fade to yellow' background (special4), code the background parameter as follows:
    <param name=background value="special4">

    This controls the speed of the scroll, the lower the number the faster it scrolls. 

    This controls how much space is between each line vertically. 

    This controls which HTML frame to use when a hyperlink is double clicked. Standard HTML frames "rules" apply.

    _self   - load in current frame. 
    _parent - load in parent frame.
    _top    - load in topmost frame.
    _blank  - load in new unnamed top-level frame.
    <other> - Show in new top level window named <other>.
    This controls the color of the hyperlinked line when the mouse is placed over the line. Colors supported are the same as background. 

    This is the amount of time the scroll will pause when the applet is clicked on. To resume scrolling, click again. Entered in miliseconds - 5000 is 5 seconds.

Required default parameters: 
    This is the default text size for each line. 

    This is the default text that is displayed for each line (usually the default is blank, and this is overridden). 

    This is the default color for all lines. Colors supported are the same as background. 

    This is the default font for all lines. Use one of the following below:

    This is the default font style for all lines. Use one of the following below: 
    This is the default URL for all lines (the default is usually blank). Enter as a standard URL:
    This is the default pause value for all line (the default is usually zero). 

    This is the default starting position for all lines (starting at position zero).

Optional parameters (controls each individual line): 

    The same as the default parameters, just replace 'Default' with the line number, 
    for example: 

    To change the default text for the first line, use the parameter 'line1': 
    <param name=line1 value="Free Vertical text scroller">

Easy Setup

The easiest way to set up the applet on your site is to start with the applet code in the sample HTML file found in Use notepad and cut and paste the applet parameters from the sample HTML file into your HTML file. Then try it out, if it works, then customize it for your site. Please note, after you change the HTML file you must hit 'reload' on your browser to view the changes (sometimes you must close the browser and reopen it to see the changes).
If the applet gives this or a similar error:
error: lineDefault value="null"

View your HTML source in your browser (view > page source), the lineDefault parameter probably looks something like this:
<param name=lineDefault>

It should have value="  " after it like this:
<param name=lineDefault value="  ">

All the param tags MUST have a value. Some HTML generators like Microsoft Front Page and Claris Home Page have problems with value="" (no space betweem the quotes). These tags must be corrected, use notepad or your favorite text editor to fix the tags.

If you can't fix the problem:
Email me and include your sites URL and I'll take a look at it.


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